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I’m Susanne and I teach Welsh (oh, and English!) in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

On word-field farming

  Sut mae, gyfeillion! The season of the long, dark evenings is here! But don’t despair. Before you get all bored and depressed, why not turn to your Welsh words for some entertainment and try your hand at creating word fields? A word field is, very simply,  a collection of words that are all concerned…

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Get packed!

Holiday time again! Gwyliau, here we come! To get us all in the mood for the holiday season I thought I’d share my (extended) packing list with you. Do you use a packing list for your holidays at all? I’m very good at forgetting the barest of necessities, which is absolutely no good when taking a family…

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Welsh Crime Fiction

Sut mae! Lucky you: No Welsh grammar today – you’re off the hook! Give your thanks to murder and mayhem and the exceptionally hot weather…. It’s the last day of May, already, and therefore the last day of Britain’s 2018 National Crime Reading Month!  Have you discovered any new exciting authors and books this year? I’m…

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Lliwiau, plîs!!

Sut dych chi i gyd??? Gobeithio eich bod chi’n cadw yn iawn…. Yma dyn ni’n iawn – eto. Just when I thought we’d escaped the flu this year, it caught up with us and kept the family busy for the better (or worse) part of six weeks. In the meantime, after yet another weatherly intermission of…

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Blwyddyn Blues Part II

Croeso yn ôl! Welcome back. Time to carry on with our collection of facts about the queen of Welsh language irregularities: Good old blwyddyn! This is Blwyddyn Blues Part II and – beware! – it’s going to be worse than the first one. A LOT worse. Today will be about counting years. But before we start doing…

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Blwyddyn Blues

Have you ever had the Blwyddyn Blues????   With only a few weeks into the new year ( y flwyddyn newydd) and all the good wishes for a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda  still echoing in our ears, we may as well take a closer look at the word blwyddyn. Blwyddyn is without doubt one of the most complicated words in…

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Blwyddyn newydd – blog newydd!

Croeso cynnes and welcome to Ymlaen! This is the new blog for all of you who are in the process of learning Welsh  – Cymraeg!!! – and would like some company on the way. Learning any language can be a slow, confusing and sometimes also a very lonely experience, and learning Welsh is no exception. Especially when you…

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