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Sut mae, beldroedwyr!

Finally a Saturday is a real Saturday again: Our German Bundesliga is back in full swing – yay! No doubt this will be one of the hot topics in my courses next week (courses are about to start again, too!). Meaning now is the perfect time to take a closer look at some English, Welsh and German football terms.

Creating word fields like this one for “football” is a great exercise and will provide you with many new and interesting insights into your target language – as well as into your own language. For example, I’d never realized that in German we actually use the word “Halbzeit” for the interval as well as for both halves of the game. How weird is that?

Anyway & beth bynnag. Here is my personal tri-lingual world-field list for “pêl-droed” (first draft, to be extended and improved in the future – as always):

EnglishCymraeg (Welsh)Deutsch (German)
clubclwbClub, Verein
teamtîmMannschaft, Team, Elf
national teamtîm cenedlaetholNationalmannschaft
game, matchgêmSpiel, Partie, Begegnung
international (game)gêm ryngwladolLänderspiel
playoffgêm ail gyfleRückspiel
derbygêm ddarbiDerby
playerchwaraewr (♂)
chwaraewraig (♀)
Spieler (♂)
Spielerin (♀)
footballerpeldroediwr (♂) peldroediwraig (♀)Fußballer (♂)
Fußballerin (♀)
corner kickcic gornelEckstoß
to kickciciokicken, schießen
to dribbledriblodribbeln
goal kickcic gôlTorschuss                    
own goalgôl i’w rwyd ei hunEigentor
winning goalgôl fuddugolSiegtreffer
equalisergôl gyfartalAusgleichstreffer, Ausgleich
hat-tricktair gôlHattrick
to scoresgorioein Tor schießen, treffen
to markmarciodecken                            
goalkeepergôl-geidwad, golwr (♂) golwraig (♀)Torwart, Torhüter (♂) Torhüterin (♀)
defenderamddiffynwr (♂) amddiffynwraig (♀)Verteidiger (♂)
Verteidigerin (♀)
midfielderchwaraewr canol cae
chwaraewraig ganol cae (♀)
Mittelfeldspielerin (♀)
forwardymosodwr, blaenwr (♂) ymosodwraig, blaenwraig (♀)Stürmer (♂)
Stürmerin (♀)
Mannschaftsführer, Kapitän (♂)
Mannschaftsführerin (♀)
substituteeilyddErsatzspieler (♂)
Ersatzspielerin (♀)
substitutes benchmaincErsatzbank, Bank
coachhyfforddwr (♂)
hyfforddwraig (♀)
Trainer (♂)
Trainerin (♀)
managerrheolwr (♂)
rheolwraig (♀)
Manager (♂)
Managerin (♀)
refereedyfarnwr (♂)
dyfarnwraig (♀)
Schiedsrichter (♂)
Schiedsrichterin (♀)
assistant refereedyfarnwr cynorthwyol (♂) dyfarnwraig gynorthwyol (♀)Schiedsrichterassistent (♂)  Schiedsrichterassistentin (♀)
video technologytechnoleg fideoVideobeweis
hand-ballllawiadHand, Handspiel
yellow cardcerdyn melyngelbe Karte
red cardcerdyn cochrote Karte
free kickcic ryddFreistoß
penaltycic gosb, cic o’r smotynStafstoß, Elfmeter
penalty spotsmotyn gwynElfmeterpunkt
to set up wallgosod mureine Mauer bilden
offside traptrap camsefyllAbseitsfalle
starting whistlechwiban gychwynAnpfiff
kick-offcic gychwynAnstoß
first halfhanner cyntaferste Halbzeit
intervalegwylHalbzeit, Halbzeitpause
second halfail hannerzweite Halbzeit
extra timeamser pellachVerlängerung
penalty shootoutgornest ciciau o’r smotynElfmeterschießen      
pitchcae(Fußball-) Feld
centre circlecylch canolMittelkreis
halfway linellinell hanner fforddMittellinie
sidelinellinell ystlysSeitenlinie
goal linellinell gôlTorlinie
penalty area, boxcwrt cosbiStrafraum
penalty spotsmotyn gwynElfmeterpunkt
fan, supporterffan, cefnogwr (♂)
cefnogwraig (♀)

If you want more football terms or more word lists, it’s always a good idea to go to the site of Y Termiadur Addysg provided by Prifysgol Bangor / Bangor University. Or start wordfield farming yourself. Or do a combination of both!

Next time on this site: My big dictionary test! Follow me to stay posted!

Pob hwyl!


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