Collected good-byes! (Brexit extra edition)

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Sut mae, gyfeillion!

It’s Brexit Day. Mae diwrnod y Brecsit wedi cyrraedd anhygoel!!! I can’t believe the day has come to say good-bye. Let’s do this in style and yn Gymraeg, of course.

So how do you say good-bye in Welsh? There certainly is ample choice:


Hwyl am y tro!

Hwyl fawr!

Pob hwyl!



Ta-ra rwan! (North Wales)

Wela’i chi! – See you! (plural and /or formal)

Wela’i ti! – See you! (informal + singular)

Wela’ i chi eto! – See you again!

Da bo! (South Wales)

Da bo chi! (South Wales)

Cymer ofal! – Take care! (informal + singular)

Cymerwch ofal! – Take care! (formal and / or plural)

Take your pick! And if you have anything to add to this list, please do let me know in the comments. Local or personal variations welcome, too – diolch!

Hwyl fawr, Brydain! We’re sad to see you go. Let’s hope things will turn out for the best, eventually. In the meantime: Cymerwch ofal!

Wela’ i chi nes ymlaen!



Cyfarchion Cymraeg Geirfa: Cyfarchion

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